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The Emergent Consulting team comprises of highly experienced professionals who have been closely associated with Oracle Cloud for an extensive period. With a profound understanding of HR business operations in both domestic and international contexts, our team is equipped with up-to-date knowledge of modern best practices. We are dedicated to assisting clients in standardizing their processes and system design across all entities. This approach enables a comprehensive and unified view of their organizations, ultimately enhancing their decision-making capabilities and driving business success. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of global HCM and empower you to achieve operational excellence.


This service involves helping clients set up and deploy Oracle HCM solutions. It includes configuring the software to align with the client's specific HR processes and requirements.

Technical Development

Our services cover a range of Oracle HCM technical aspects, including data migration, Fast Formula customization, OTBI report optimization, BIP report configuration, and precise data loading.


This service includes monitoring the system's performance, resolving issues and errors, applying patches and updates, and providing technical support to ensure the system operates smoothly.

Upgrade Testing

Upgrading an Oracle HCM system is a critical process to stay current with the latest features, security patches, and improvements. The service involves planning and executing the upgrade, including comprehensive testing to ensure that all components of the system work correctly after the update.

Health Checks

Health checks involve a thorough assessment of the client's existing Oracle HCM setup. Consultants from Emergent Consulting Inc. review the system's configuration, performance, and data integrity to identify areas that may need improvement. The goal is to enhance the system's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimization Opportunities

This service focuses on identifying areas within the client's HR processes and Oracle HCM system where improvements can be made. Consultants work with the client to implement changes, streamline workflows, and optimize system usage for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Backfill Resources

In some cases, clients may have gaps in their HR teams due to employee turnover, extended leave, or other reasons. We can provide experienced HR professionals to temporarily fill these gaps, ensuring that HR operations continue without disruption.

Partner with us and begin on a transformative journey for your organization. We are committed to delivering exceptional services, personalized solutions, and tangible results. With our deep expertise in Oracle HCM and a team of certified consultants, we guide you through every step of your HR transformation, from implementation to ongoing support. Together, we will optimize your HR processes, enhance employee engagement, and drive sustainable business growth. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of Oracle HCM and take your organization to new heights of success.

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